TMdrive-DC DFE Retrofit

Expand the life of legacy DC drives with the latest in high performance digital control and high speed communications. Drive System Modernization is a simple procedure completed in four easy steps:

Leaving the original motor, wiring and power connections in place, the control and I/O boards and control wiring are removed.
The new TMEIC Digital Front End (DFE) module, complete with control boards and hinged mounting plate, is mounted on the front of the drive as shown here ( or can be panel mounted).
The keypad is mounted either on the drive or on the drive cabinet door.
The DFE is wired to the drive and the I/O wiring is connected to the new I/O board.
DFEs are available for these DC Drives 
Silcon Six
Silpac 600
Siltrol Plus    
Digital Siltron
Silco Plus
Silpac 3160    
Silpac 6160
Silpac 3100
Analog Siltrol    
Silco Matic
Silpac 3000
Silco-2000 (future)
Silpac 3200
*For DC-300 and DC-2000 drives, the new boards are mounted in the same locations as the existing boards.  There is no DFE module as shown above.

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