LCI Modernization

Control Modernization for Legacy LCI Drive Systems
Legacy DIRECTO-MATIC LCI drives have provided reliable service for almost 20 years. To keep that record intact, TMEIC has developed its LCI control modernization. This LCI control modernization package preserves the existing power bridge, providing an innovative solution with proven hardware to increase the life, functionality, and serviceability of existing DIRECTO-MATIC LCI drives.

In addition to extending the product life, this modernization program provides significant functional enhancements plus a system condition and capability assessment of your drive system. The modernization features:

TMEIC Standard Control Cards
New Hinge-mounted Control Circuit Board assembly to replace the DOM+ circuit board rack
Product Life Extension Control Software Library
Flexible sequencing logic
Windows® based TMdrive®-Navigator
Animated graphic displays
Integrated trending window
Common tool across all TMEIC drives
Knowledge Management
Local touch screen interface panel
Multiple RS-232™ and Ethernet™ ports
Drivers for LAN-type communication
Optional custom HMI Screens and remote location