3.3 kV, Up to 40,000 HP (36,000 kVA)

The TMdrive-70e2 from TMEIC is a high-power, water-cooled drive system. Its rugged design is suited for induction or synchronous motors using advanced, fully digitalized vector controlled three-level Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

The TMdrive-70e2 uses the very latest in proven power switching technology, the injection enhanced gate transistor (IEGT). The IEGT is a voltage-switched power device with low on-state voltage and high-speed switching.

Flexible arrangement of converter, inverter, and cooling units provides high-power density in a very small floor space with lower installation costs.


The high-power TMdrive-70e2 can be used in many applications, including:

  • Precision-controlled processes with high dynamic performance requirements such as large metal mill main drives.
  • Large fan and pumping and compressor applications. The TMdrive-70e2 provides accurate speed control and high efficiency while eliminating the need for high maintenance mechanical flow control devices.
  • Grinding mills with high overloads and impact loads.
  • Mine hoists, with high overloads and overhauling loads.


  • The TMdrive-70e2 drive includes a fully digitalized vector controlled three-level pulse width modulated (PWM) inverter and the choice of either an active regenerative AC-to-DC converter.
  • Power levels of 6000 kVA to 36,000 kVA at 3300 output volts (any output voltage through output matching transformer).
  • Low harmonic distortion to the power system – meets IEEE-519-1992 guidelines with the available IEGT active, regenerative power converter.
  • TMEIC family common control platform, including PP7EX2 microprocessor, control I/O, and TMdrive Navigator tool.